Thursday, 10 September 2015

Devastated is an understatement, for those that don't know...

Rather than continually have to tell individuals about my current situation I'd rather get everything down on here. I've spent most of the summer recuperating and rehabbing from a stress response with the aim being the fact I could still make the World Championships in Doha in October- unfortunately my body has once again let me down.

I've continually had problems with my patella tendon on my left side (CP side) for a long time, and has always been something I've had to manage and keep on top of. An annoyance, but just part of being a distance runner  with CP I guess. Despite X-training for the majority of the summer with a minimal amount of running being introduced as I looked to begin racing again, my knee was a little sorer than I had been used to. Again something myself and physio thought we could manage.

However 3 weeks ago while warming up for a light tempo session on grass my knee completely gave way; I heard a crunch and was in a lot a pain. Luckily my Dad was with me and I was able to get back to my parents house. The knee was swollen and sore so I iced and tried to put it to the back of my mind, as the whole family had my cousin's wedding later that day and I didn't want to make a fuss.

I managed to stand through the church service (albeit in a decent amount of pain), however as soon as I got to the reception my knee collapsed on me again, at this point prompting my Dad to take me to A+E. The hospital managed to relieve some of the pain getting my leg in a brace, keeping it nice and straight.

A couple of days later, British Athletics got me a scan and I got told the horrible news that I have ruptured my patella tendon pretty badly and that I would need surgery in the near future to correct this. Quite a rare injury, especially in a distance runner.

I spoke to the surgeon last week and I'm due to have the surgery this Saturday (12th). I'm happy to be getting surgery done so quickly after being in limbo for the previous couple of weeks. I can    only thank British Athletics for their support in being able to make this happen. As Paralympic athletes in Britain we are definitely the best supported team in the world.

To say I'm upset by the situation would be a euphemism. The last few weeks have been testing to say the least and I'm only now beginning to come to terms with the injury. However I have a great family, coach, training group and support team around me and have to try and be positive from now on. I'm sure there will be more dark days along the way, but I guess that shows how much my sport means.

I'm disappointed to be missing Doha, but my goals have now changed. I need to get back walking as soon as possible, regain my strength and rehab well (something I should be good at). A little further down the line running can perhaps begin to enter my mind again. Small steps.

Saying this, the thought of what's happening in 12 months time won't be forgotten and will act as fuel to rehab the most diligently I can.

Again thanks to British Athletics for their support, as well as the University of Birmingham scholarship team in helping me get back from the previous injury.


Deano x

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